Different people reach different people.

Does it frustrate you when churches are 20 years behind the world we live in and it almost seems irrelevant or outdated?

Or does it irk you how some people will water down or change the message of the gospel in order to make it palatable for people?

No doubt there are extremes on both ends but how do we find the happy medium?

We can’t twist the Bible to say different things to different people so that they will like it.

That would not be preserving the gospel.

But at the same time, we can’t not adapt to our world around us.

The message always stays the same.

But the methods of delivering have to change


Balance is everything

It’s like walking out onto a steep, slender cliff and trying not to fall too far to one side or the other.

Remove anything offensive about the gospel and the gospel is gone.

Failing to appeal to people is equally damaging.

If you under-adapt or over-adapt you lose the gospel.

Balance is everything

Conservatism (or non-adaptation) threatens the gospel just as much as liberalism (or non-preservation) does.

We must never exclude someone from whom God has included in His people.

If we could only be humble enough to recognize the work of God in and through those who work in a different way, with different people, the gospel would go forward no matter how steep the cliff on either side.

What are ways that you over adapt or under adapt the gospel?